Imagine a silky, creamy medley of rich roasted coffee notes & chicory, enhanced by real dairy cream, handcrafted rum and complemented by the perfect touch of sweetness.

How You Should Drink Somrus Coffee Liqueur

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Coffee, meet your new mate.

Speaking of mate, checkmate! Espresso – check. Hot coffee – check. Cold brew – check. We’ve combined Somrus Coffee with all of the brewing basics and it’s simply delicious. We raise a glass to toast this new roast!

Want to level up those at-home barista skills even more? Grab your blender and get frappe! The hardest part will be sipping slow enough to avoid the brain freeze.

A fresh pot first thing in the morning. That much needed pick-me-up following a long meeting. Your go-to after dinner drink with friends.

Coffee can be enjoyed morning, noon (and afternoon), and night… and, well, even late night. Okay, okay. You get the point. No wonder this brewed beverage is the second most-consumed drink on the planet—after water, that is!

While it could be argued that House of Somrus are “tea people”, that’s just simply not so. After all, variety is the spice of life!

Inspired by the popular kaapi from South India—a richly intense, milk-frothy, aromatic coffee—Somrus Coffee Cream Liqueur is an artisanal blend of coffee and chicory with the same real Wisconsin dairy cream and the finest Caribbean rum you’ve come to enjoy in our other flavors.

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