Yukon Jack Honey provides the sweetness of honey and the heat of a high proof whiskey. A candy flavor sets the stage for a well-balanced, whiskey finish fit for any palate! United States, Kentucky. Yukon Jack Honey American

How You Should Drink Yukon Jack Honey

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Bask in the sweet honey taste of Yukon Jack Liqueur. Inspired by the rugged Yukon, this liqueur has a decadent, warm flavor and a surprisingly smooth finish. The amber color of this 100 proof liqueur is reminiscent of a medium-bodied whisky or bourbon without the strong bite. A bottle of Yukon Jack goes great with a lot of things but is best enjoyed neat and in the company of good friends. Known as the “black sheep” of liquors, this spirit follows the footsteps of a pioneer and explorer who trudged through uncharted territory to discover the glory of a new world. We carry on that inspiration and have bottled it into a high quality liqueur.

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